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One out of seven workers in America is foreign-born bringing the total to over 39 million. Ohio has close to 400,000 foreign-born with close to 700,000 people in Ohio who speak another language at home other than English.

Guy & Kathy are working to bring a greater awareness of the need to reach out to the Internationals. People are coming to America from every nation, giving the church a unique opportunity to reach the world by reaching those who are coming to us.

Within the city of Columbus, OH ministry opportunities have arisen among the various Asian groups consisting of Filipinos, Indonesians and the Asian Indians. Work is also being done in reaching out to the Brazilians and various African groups within the community.

We will evangelize and disciple the Internationals in the Lord by:

  • Providing various tracts and literature in their own language.
  • Taking advantage of the various festivals and events, which are within Ohio to reach out to the particular ethnic groups.
  • Sending various workers from our churches and from our established ethnic Bible studies and ethnic churches to go out and connect with Internationals
  • Inviting them to worship services that are open to Internationals or inviting them to be a part of an ethnic services in their own language.
  • Helping to establish ESL classes, where our workers from our churches teach English as a second language.

Your Opportunity for Ministry

Pray that as we step out in faith to reach the various cultural groups and with a burden to reach the lost, the Lord will empower to us through His Holy Spirit to make a difference in someone’s life.

Support Intercultural Ministries with your tax deductible donation, to further the work with Internationals in Ohio.


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